Living Lent out loud

Preparing for Easter, acting on faith and values

Ideas for living generously during the Lenten season

From coffee to chocolates, soda to social media, millions of Christians give something up for Lent each year to prepare their hearts for Easter.

Almsgiving is the Lenten tradition of showing care and concern for our neighbor. Today, many refer to it as "living Lent out loud" – giving of yourself and putting your faith into action.

Ideas for living Lent generously

  • Make a top 40 list: Commit to doing one act of generosity each day.
  • Pray it forward: Each day of Lent, add another person to your prayer list.
  • Offer it up: If you've held onto a grudge, try forgiving/to let it go. Forgiveness is a special Lenten gift only you can give.
  • Give thanks: Send thank-you cards to people who have touched your life.
  • Give back to the environment: Plant a tree, carpool, recycle or repurpose something you were thinking of throwing out.

Reflection and preparation are intrinsic parts of living Lent out loud. They’re also qualities that help people live generously throughout the year. See other ways Thrivent can help you put your faith into action.