Live Generously

Helping People Live Generously

Join us in celebrating generosity in action! Find what moves you. Shout out your passion. This is your space – a tribute not only to what you do, but how you do it. Share the impact! #LiveGenerously

Service opportunities abound

Summer is the ideal time to volunteer. All around the country Thrivent members are finding opportunities to serve and make a difference in their communities.
Fire up your community

Identify a local need or a cause you’re passionate about. Then apply to lead a Thrivent Action Team.
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This month we celebrate fathers and show our appreciation for the love and support they give throughout the year.
For millions of children, summer can be a hungry season. Learn why and what you can do to make an immediate difference for kids in your community.
Generosity is contagious. See how it's spreading and how you're making a difference. Share your own photos and posts!

Generosity Programs

Your cause is our cause. These programs help you express generosity in your own way.
Thrivent Action Teams

ThriventAction Teams

See a need? Meet a need. Thrivent Action Teams make it easy to do. You provide the passion and volunteer team. We provide promotional resources and seed money.

Thrivent Builds


Pick up your hammer or put your leadership skills to work for these short- or long-term projects to construct and repair homes in your community or abroad!


Did you know eligible Thrivent members help direct where millions of charitable outreach dollars go each year through Thrivent Choice®?