Make your Generosity Local

Your Thrivent Member Network makes it easy to build community and give back

Thrivent Member use member benefits to multiply the impact of their efforts

These days, buying local is on lots of people’s minds, from locally sourced food, to craft beer and spirits, to supporting local makers and businesses. These choices help strengthen the communities where we live, work and worship.

But did you know you have an even greater opportunity to make a difference by becoming involved with your Thrivent Member Network? (And by the way, if you’re a Thrivent member, you’re automatically part of one.)

Thrivent Member Networks are regional groups that put the power of Thrivent in member hands. So, when you feel inspired to get involved and give back, you have access to special programs, resources and like-hearted people who are passionate about making a difference in their churches, communities and beyond.

‘The direction God leads us’

Just ask Martha Nelson of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, about bringing people together.

"Being involved in the Two Rivers Region Thrivent Member Network has opened the door to new friends who are passionate about putting ideas into motion for the good of our community and the people who live here," says Martha.

Case in point: A little over a year ago, Martha and her husband, Tom, led a Thrivent Action Team at their church to benefit the area's disadvantaged youth. They collected school supplies and orchestrated a "pack the backpacks" activity at the Two Rivers Region's annual meeting involving the more than 100 Thrivent Member Network attendees.

"I had really good role models, who set the bar high," Martha recalls. "My parents were very service-oriented, and they instilled that trait in us. After all, giving back is the direction God leads us."

Thrivent Member use member benefits to multiply the impact of their efforts

Collective actions of contagious generosity

You've likely heard of – and perhaps participated in – programs like Thrivent Action Teams and Thrivent's homebuilding partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Thrivent Member Networks often offer group opportunities to take part in, too, so you're not on your own when it comes to rounding up volunteers and making your inspiration a reality.

Some Thrivent Member Networks sponsor larger-scale events – like Christian music festivals and holiday food collections at college football games – where they invite members to come out, don a T-shirt, lend a hand and give back while enjoying each other's fellowship. Some have held educational workshops led by notable financial experts, to help people get a leg up on their Wise With Money Journey.

Martha knows well the power of the collective. She has coordinated countless fundraisers and food and clothing collections as well as led Thrivent Action Teams to support local organizations and programs at her church.

"There's nothing better than for people to come together and give back," Martha says.

Get involved with your Thrivent Member Network

There's always something going on in your backyard or across town, whether it's a Thrivent Action Team, homebuilding activity, social or educational event.

Find your Thrivent Member Network on our regional map and get involved today!

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