2017 Hurricanes: Help us reach our goal

Thrivent members and friends around the country come together to provide hurricane relief

Urgent Cause
Hurricane recovery efforts
Thrivent to match up to $3 million

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have caused widespread damage and devastation. Help us provide assistance to those affected by these natural disasters.

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Updated as of 12/6/2017

Providing help and hope for hurricane victims

At Thrivent we don't just talk about living generously. Generosity is who we are and what we do. To date, more than 957,000 Choice Dollars® have been directed to our featured organizations and more than 800 Thrivent Action Teams are actively working to support storm victims. This is in addition to personal donations given to relief efforts.

Thank you for giving of your time and financial resources to the hundreds of thousands of people affected by these natural disasters. You can still make a personal donation. When you do, Thrivent will double the impact – up to $3 million. This opportunity will run until the $3 million match is met or until December 31, 2017, whichever comes first. Processing fees for personal donations are covered by Thrivent up to $1 million or until December 31, 2017.

Your actions make a difference: Donate, direct, volunteer


The organizations listed below are actively working to support the disaster. To donate or direct, simply click the appropriate button under the organization you wish to give to.

American Red Cross of Central Texas
Austin, TX

American Red Cross
Palm Beach and Martin County, Fl

Convoy of Hope
Springfield, MO

Habitat for Humanity
Atlanta, GA

Lutheran Disaster Response (ELCA)
Chicago, IL

LCMS Disaster Response
St. Louis, MO

Orphan Grain Train Inc.
Norfolk, NE

WELS Christian Aid and Relief
Waukesha, WI


Lead a Thrivent Action Team event in your community to raise funds for those affected by the hurricanes.

  • Use promo code"2017 Hurricanes"
  • Enter your project date 21 days out from the day you apply.
  • Note: Due to the urgent need for support, we will expedite the approval process for your Thrivent Action Team application when you use this promo code. You will receive your Thrivent Action Team Kit (containing $250 in seed money, team T-shirts and promotional materials) within five to seven business days of approval.

Disaster Response

When tragedy strikes, many of us ask: "What can I do?" From charitable giving through hands-on support and personal donations to national grants, we're here to help when regional or national disasters happen.

3 ways you can help

Donate to the cause

Personal Donations

Personal donations can be made through InFaith Community Foundation to help those impacted by natural disasters.

Thrivent choice dollars

Direct Choice Dollars

Eligible Thrivent members can direct Choice Dollars® to help provide disaster victims with support as they begin to recover.

Thrivent action teams

Local support

Thrivent Action Teams bring people in local communities together to raise funds for regional or national disasters.