Nourish body and soul by serving meals to people in your community.

Thrivent Action Team members serving food

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Senior homes, hospitals and other support organizations need volunteers to prepare meals. You and your Thrivent Action Team participants can come together, plan a delicious meal, prepare it and feed people in need. The seed money can cover the groceries and supplies you need for the meal.

Important: Be sure to review and follow the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control as well as additional guidelines by health officials in your community.

Get started

  1. Make the call.

    Contact a local facility, hospital or senior center to see how you can provide a meal for people in their care.

  1. Make a plan and make a date.

    Decide what you will make and schedule a date to provide the meal. If you need meal ideas, the organizations may have meal recommendations you can choose from.

  2. Tip: If a socially-distanced project is more comfortable, consider doing a meal drop off and complement your meal with a virtual chat.

  1. Invite participants to join your Thrivent Action Team.

    Invite your friends, family and co-workers to join you on this project. Volunteers can help with meal planning, shopping, creating décor, food preparation or food service.

  2. Your Thrivent Action Team project comes with many resources, including digital tools to invite participants and have them RSVP.

  1. Go shopping.

    Purchase the food and serving items necessary to make your meal.

  1. Get cooking.

    Prepare your meal alongside your Thrivent Action Team volunteers.

  2. Tip: Your Thrivent Action Team comes with digital resources including the Thrivent Action Team Hub. Take a picture of your finished project and post it on the page to inspire others.

  1. Get creative.

    In addition to making a meal, consider decorating place mats or bringing some easy décor to make the meal more festive.

  2. Tip: Decorating is a great way to involve the children on your team as you give back.

  1. Make it meaningful.

    Include a special note or treat to inspire or encourage those you are cooking for.

  1. Tell us how it went.

    When your Thrivent Action Team is complete, we will ask you to report on your project.

  2. Tip: Reporting is an important part of the Thrivent Action Team. This allows us to know how much generosity we’ve inspired and the results of your hard work.

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Action Team member bagging food

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Set up for success.

Explore helpful resources for practical tips and tools for action team project success.