Be a steward of God's creation

Lead a Thrivent Action Team for Earth Day to help your community

What better time for kids to learn how they can help take care of our planet than Earth Day?

That's what Ann Radden from Belleville, Illinois, thought when she formed a Thrivent Action Team in 2017. She gathered about 25 members of the congregation and garden committee at Zion Lutheran Church and parents of children who attended Zion Lutheran School.

"The purpose of the event was to help kids understand why we should all care for God's creation and how we can be stewards of what he's given us," Ann says.

The team started planning in February. Because Midwest weather in the spring can be unpredictable, they planned some activities that could be done inside or outside.

On April 26 the entire school – preschoolers through eighth-graders – reflected during chapel on how they could take care of the earth. Then they planted ryegrass seeds in small plastic cups and took them home to watch them grow.

"When the kids saw the results of their work, they were amazed! … they discovered that proper planting, care and watering were important."

– Ann Radden, Thrivent Action Team leader

On April 28, the kids broke into groups for various activities. Preschoolers and first-graders learned about recycling through a game and a story. Kindergartners planted sunflower and zinnia seeds and listened to a story about the sounds of spring. Fifth- and sixth-graders played a recycling relay game in the gym.

And between April showers, the rest of the kids planted flowers around the church and school. The adults got involved in the community garden by planting tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables that would be donated to food pantries the church serves.

"When the kids saw the results of their work, they were amazed! Whether it was the beautiful flowers they planted around campus or their ryegrass plant pals, they discovered that proper planting, care and watering were important," Ann says.

Think globally, act locally

For nearly 50 years, Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22. It's grown from a day of action and increasing awareness in the U.S. to an international event observed in nearly 200 countries.

You can extend the celebration! Gather friends and family to form a Thrivent Action Team and make a difference in your community anytime between April 16 and 30.

You could:

  • Work with teachers and kids at your neighborhood school to plant flowers or start a vegetable garden.
  • Talk to your local recycling center professionals to see what tips they have for better recycling.
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood and pick up trash.
  • Plant a tree in your yard.
  • Ditch the plastic grocery bags and start carrying reusable cloth shopping bags.

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Get involved: Lead a Thrivent Action Team

To celebrate Earth Day, eligible Thrivent Members can lead a Thrivent Action Team between April 16 and 30. Deadline to apply: April 2.

Need some inspiration? Check out these Earth Day Thrivent Action Team ideas (PDF).

To apply:

  1. Click on "Apply now" below to log in.
  2. Complete the application by April 2.
    • Use promo code EarthDay18.

Once your activity is approved, you'll receive a kit containing T-shirts, promotional materials and $250 in seed money to jump-start your teams' efforts!