Bag up hunger

Help the fight against hunger by collecting items for your local food bank.

Thrivent Action Team member packing food

Many local families are unsure where their next meal will come from—but you can help. Collecting food as a family, workplace or congregation and donating to your local food bank is a great way to help fight hunger. Simply distribute grocery bags at your next activity and then gather volunteers to help procure and deliver items. The seed money can be used to purchase bags, promotional items or food.

This is a great activity to add to any upcoming reunions or celebrations.

Get started

  1. Make the call.

    Contact your local food bank and determine where to drop off your donation. Not sure where you would like to donate? Feeding America has a nationwide network of food banks so you can find one close to home.

  1. Distribute the grocery bags.

    Drop off grocery bags to participants and include the list of the most needed items provided in your National Volunteer Week kit. You can also distribute at an upcoming gathering or worship service, in your neighborhood or at the office.

  2. Tip: Clients with membership, this is a great opportunity for you to distribute your Live Generously grocery bags.

  1. Invite your Thrivent Action Team participants.

    Not only will you need individuals to donate food, you’ll need participants to help pick up the grocery bags, sort items and drop them off at the food bank.

  2. Tip: Your Thrivent Action Team project comes with many resources, including digital tools to invite and have participants RSVP.

  1. Get creative.

    Think of ways you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Consider reaching out to your local grocery to see if you can buy items at cost, going to your local farmers market for produce or working with a local business who wants to support your effort.

  1. Make it meaningful.

    Consider making a financial donation to the organization you’re supporting. When you donate on Thrivent’s digital giving platform, we’ll cover the processing fees so 100% of your donation goes right back to the cause.

  2. Tip: Visit to make a donation anytime.

  1. Drop off.

    Take the bags to your local organization.

  1. Tell us how it went.

    When your Thrivent Action Team is complete, we will ask you to report on your project.

  2. Tip: Reporting is an important part of the Thrivent Action Team. This allows us to know how much generosity we’ve inspired and the results of your hard work.

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