Tornado destroys homes, injures dozens

Join other Thrivent members in supporting North Dakota tornado relief efforts

On Tuesday, July 10, 2018, an EF2 tornado with wind speeds of 127 miles per hour ripped through an RV park in Watford City, North Dakota. In the wake of its four-minute touchdown: two dozen injured people, another 200 displaced, extensive property damage and the death of an infant.

Lend a helping hand

Thrivent members often play important roles in the recovery process after a natural disaster. They listen to people's needs, donate blood, provide care kits, repair homes and hold fundraisers.

"The morning after the tornado, Thrivent members were asking me how they could use their Thrivent Action Team projects to help with cleanup and recovery," says Shilo Chavez, a Thrivent Financial representative in Watford City. "What a community of caring and generous people."

The individuals and communities affected by the tornado are in need of safe housing, monetary donations and other assistance. Here are a few ways to share your gifts of time and resources with people who need them urgently.

Your actions make a difference: Donate, direct, volunteer


The Salvation Army is actively working to support people affected by the tornado. To make a personal donation or, if eligible, direct Choice Dollars®, simply click the appropriate button. Thrivent will pay all processing fees to ensure 100% of your donation goes directly to help people in need.1


Lead a Thrivent Action Team in your community to raise funds for people affected by the tornado damage in Watford City. When applying for a Thrivent Action Team:

  • Use promo code "ND Tornado".
  • Enter your project date 21 days out from the day you apply.
  • Note: Due to the urgent need for support, we will expedite the approval process for your Thrivent Action Team application when you use this promo code. You will receive your Thrivent Action Team Kit (containing $250 in seed money, team T-shirts and promotional materials) within five to seven business days of approval.

Disaster Response

When tragedy strikes, many of us ask: "What can I do?" From charitable giving through hands-on support and personal donations to national grants, we're here to help when regional or national disasters happen.

3 ways you can help

Thrivent action teams

Personal Donations

Personal donations can be made through InFaith Community Foundation to help those impacted by natural disasters.

Thrivent choice dollars

Direct Choice Dollars

Eligible Thrivent members can direct Choice Dollars® to help provide disaster victims with support as they begin to recover.

Donate to the cause

Local support

Thrivent Action Teams bring people in local communities together to raise funds for regional or national disasters.