Wildfire disaster relief efforts

Here's how you can help people affected by the western wildfires

Dangerous wildfires spread through California in 2017 claiming the lives of dozens of people. The fires destroyed thousands of acres, ruining homes, businesses and communities. Wildfires across Montana, Washington and Oregon also caused widespread devastation. Your assistance helps provide relief to the many individuals and communities still impacted by these wildfires.

Get involved: Lead a Thrivent Action Team

Thrivent members can apply to lead a Thrivent Action Team to raise funds for individuals affected by the wildfires. Need some inspiration? Check out these Thrivent Action Team ideas (PDF).

To apply:

  1. Click on "Apply now" below to log in.
  2. Complete the application.

Once your activity is approved, you'll receive a kit containing T-shirts, promotional materials and $250 in seed money to jump-start your teams' efforts!

Disaster Response

When tragedy strikes, many of us ask: "What can I do?" From charitable giving through hands-on support and personal donations to national grants, we're here to help when regional or national disasters happen.

3 ways you can help

Donate to the cause

Personal Donations

Personal donations can be made through InFaith Community Foundation to help those impacted by natural disasters.

Thrivent choice dollars

Direct Choice Dollars

Eligible Thrivent members can direct Choice DollarsĀ® to help provide disaster victims with support as they begin to recover.

Thrivent action teams

Local support

Thrivent Action Teams bring people in local communities together to raise funds for regional or national disasters.